What We Do (2012)

As its title indicates, this is a film about our working process, both in the studio and in performance. After a prolonged painting session we often walk out into the street to find ourselves confronted with images and markings that are sympathetic to those we have just created in the studio.
In the same way that other artists gain inspiration from observing natural forms, the various abstract splashes of dirt, decay and peeling posters that are emblazoned throughout the high street offer up to us a similar palette that is equally seductive.

Our inclusion of Sun Ra’s poem “Potential”(1965) reinforces this way of observing the possibilities to be found in what is either ignored or unexamined.

Unicorn (2011)

A documentary of a single painting that was completed in four hours. Part of the “Predatory Life” series, Unicorn is an image that is also connected to a story line; in this case a mutation that rises from the debris of a nuclear holocaust. Unicorn was first shown in 2012 at Norwich Castle Gallery, Norfolk as part of our first major exhibition Planet Of The Jackanapes.